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PHYS 199 HT - Honors Thermal & Quantum Phys

Last offered Fall 2008

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Course Information: Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

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HONORS SEMINAR: TOPICS IN HEAT, THERMODYNAMICS, AND MODERN PHYSICS. PREREQUISITES: PHYS 211 AND PHYS 212 AND CONCURRENT REGISTRATION IN PHYS 214 AND PHYS 213 AND CONSENT OF INSTRUCTOR. PHYS 199HT CAN BE USED TO SATISFY THE HONORS COMPONENT OF PHYS 214 AND PHYS 213. PHYS 199HT is the honors supplement to PHYS 214/213 and is intended for those students either planning to major/minor in physics or having a strong interest in the subject. Areas to be covered during PHYS 214 include particle scattering, photon quantum states, simple approximation methods (e.g., variational methods), particle exchange, and quantum statistics. Areas to be covered during PHYS 213 include diffusion and heat conduction, the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution and the ideal gas, the Planck distribution and radiation, free energy and the chemical potential, and quantum gases.
Honors Thermal & Quantum PhysHT34885S211300 - 1450 M  257 Loomis Laboratory James P Wolfe