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PHYS 199 OWL - An Introduction to Computing in Physics

Last offered Fall 2016

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Course Information: Approved for letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

Section Description

You will learn to do remarkable things. By the end of the first week you will calculate the trajectory of a relativistic starship and confirm an insight of Ramanujan, the "Man Who Knew Infinity." A week after that you will generate diagrams of spacetime curvature around black holes. You will determine the slingshot trajectory for a tour of the gas giants and calculate pi using simulated toothpicks. There will be chaos, and fractal geometry, and pattern recognition in noisy environments. You will learn that a Python is not just a snake, nor a Spyder just an arachnid. And you will be pioneers: you are going to help us change the way we teach undergraduate physics at the University of Illinois.

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