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PHYS 199 POM - Physics of Music & Instruments

Last offered Fall 2008

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Course Information: Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

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PHYSICS OF MUSIC / PHYSICS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, 1 hour. This course will cover the following topics and will have accompanying lab demonstrations and experimental setups for hands-on direct learning experiences for the students: the physics of sound (propagation of sound waves), the physics of hearing (psycho-acoustics), the physics of music (all musical styles, and music in the natural world -- living organisms and physical processes), the physics of musical instruments (brass, wind, strings percussion, song, electronic, computer and beyond). First Year Discovery Program Course. Registration restricted to freshmen. Students should enroll in only one Discovery course.
Physics of Music & InstrumentsPOM34859LBD21300 - 1450 F  6105 Engineering Sciences Building Steven Michael Errede