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Welcome to Phys 225!

If you wake up feeling sick, do not come to class. Seek medical attention and request an EX grade.


This class meets once per week on Tuesdays 4-5pm in Loomis 151. 

Attendance in lecture will be taken via "one-minute papers" at the start and end of lecture, to be submitted through Gradescope by 11:59pm on the day of lecture.


We will have approximately one homework assignment due each week starting with Week 2.

Homework is typically due every Thursday, check the class schedule page for exceptions.

Each assignment must be uploaded to Gradescope on the deadline.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion. You will need:


Excused Absences

Registering After the First Day of Classes

If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes:

Academic Integrity