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Midterm exam:

The miterm exam will take place on Thursday, 3/7 11:00-12:20 in Lincoln Hall Rm. 1002 (NOT our usual classroom).

The exam will be on all the material that was covered up to and including Transmission and Reflection – all the material of Lectures 1-11.

The exam is open book and you may use any material on physical paper (textbooks, printed notes, handwritten notes...).

Please bring calculators – they are allowed and you may need one! With the exception of calculators, no electronic devices are allowed.

Here is a link to a sample exam to give you an idea of the requirements and difficulty.

Here is a link to review slides that you may find useful (you may print them and bring to the exam). Note: exam questions may rely on derivations that are not included or well-covered by the review slides.

Advice: exam questions are written under the assumption that students know how to solve all HW problems and understand the posted solutions to these problems; it is a good idea to make sure that this assumption is correct.

Good luck!

1/22/2024: Due to the weather conditions the Tusday (1/23/2024) lecture will be delivered via Zoom. Please follow the Zoom link to join our class (starting 11:00am).


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