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Welcome to the homepage for Phys 427 Fall 2023.

If you are ill, including with cold-like symptoms, do not attend class.  

If you are ill, or think you may be, please take the following steps:

This math worksheet goes over several calculations that we'll encounter over the course of the semester. 

First day of class is Monday, 8/21. Discussions begin Tuesday, 8/29.

9/1: J. Shelton will hold office hours from 10-11 am on Tuesday 9/5

9/11: HW 3 is due on Friday 9/15 this week (by 5 pm).  Graded HW 1 will be returned in discussion on Tuesday 9/12.

9/15: J. Shelton will hold office hours from 2-3 pm on Monday 9/18

9/21: Midterm 1 will be held in class on Wednesday 9/27, covering the material you have studied in HW and discussions so far (heat engines will not be on the exam). This formula sheet will be provided with the exam.  You may not use calculators, notes, textbooks, or other material. 

9/27: October HW due dates were just corrected on the course calendar, please make sure you are aware. Rule of thumb: HW is due in weeks without exams.