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PHYS 598 AST - Astrophysics

Last offered Fall 2008

Official Description

Lecture course in topics of current interest. Several subjects are announced in each Class Schedule. Among them are semiconductor physics, magnetic resonance, surface physics, lattice dynamics, band theory of solids, crystal imperfections, nuclear structure, field theory, elementary particle physics, advanced statistical mechanics, plasma theory, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, group theory and applications. Course Information: Prerequisite: Determined for each offering; see Class Schedule.

Section Description

ASTROPHYSICS. Satisfies the physics graduate program "cafeteria" requirement. PHYS 598AST will survey astrophysical phenomena and processes relevant to the evolution of the Universe and structures in it, from the formation of stars and galaxies at the earliest times to the final end states of matter as compact objects. The emphasis will be on developing an understanding based on the underlying physics. Exciting recent developments will be described. Specific topics will include big bang cosmology and the cosmic microwave background radiation; formation, interaction, and evolution of galaxies; formation, structure, and evolution of stars; dynamics of stellar systems; white dwarfs, supernovae, neutron stars, and black holes; physics of accretion disks; the fate of the universe. Topics of special current interest will include cosmological inflation, dark matter in the universe, powerful gamma-ray bursts, feeding of quasars, generation of radio and X-ray emission by supermassive black
AstrophysicsAST34935LEC41530 - 1650 M W  158 Loomis Laboratory Frederick K Lamb