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PHYS 598 MMA - Math Methods in Physics I

Last offered Fall 2007

Official Description

Lecture course in topics of current interest. Several subjects are announced in each Class Schedule. Among them are semiconductor physics, magnetic resonance, surface physics, lattice dynamics, band theory of solids, crystal imperfections, nuclear structure, field theory, elementary particle physics, advanced statistical mechanics, plasma theory, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, group theory and applications. Course Information: Prerequisite: Determined for each offering; see Class Schedule.

Section Description

MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN PHYSICS. PHYS 598MMA/MMB replaces PHYS 506/507 (PHYCS 411/412). PHYS 598MMA focuses on core techniques widely used in the physical sciences. Emphasis is on applications, and a broad range of illustrative examples will be explored. Primary topics include: calculus of variations and its applications; partial differential equations of mathematical physics (including classification and boundary conditions); separation of variables, series solutions of ordinary differential equations and Sturm-Liouville eigenproblems; Legendre polynomials, spherical harmonics, Bessel functions and their applications; normal mode eigenproblems (including the wave and diffusion equations); inhomogeneous ordinary differential equations (including variation of parameters and Green functions); inhomogeneous partial differential equations and Green functions; potential theory; and integral equations (including Fredholm theory). Will continue in spring semester PHYS 598MMB with complex

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Math Methods in Physics IMMA34934L241030 - 1150 M W  144 Loomis Laboratory Michael Stone