Dr. Karin Jensen
Office Location: DCL 3103


Principles of cell biology inherent in tissue engineering design. Lab experience in safely and skillfully manipulating multiple cell types and performing various quantitative analyses on products produced by cells that have differentiated.

Expected Course Outcomes

By the end of class, students will be able to

Required Materials

Electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Lab coat



Lecture: Wednesdays 2-2:50pm in 305 MSEB


All labs will be held in DCL 3110

Section AB2

Main Lab Tuesdays 3-6:50pm

Return Lab Fridays 1-2:50pm


Section AB3

Main Lab Tuesdays 11am-2:50pm

Return Lab Fridays 11am-12:50pm


Section AB4

Main Lab Mondays 11am-2:50pm

Return Lab Thursdays 11am-12:50pm


Section AB5

Main Lab Mondays 3-6:50pm

Return Lab Thursdays 1-2:50pm