Welcome to the Fall 2017 web page for CS598ACK Cyber-Physical-Human Systems

Instructor : Alex Kirlik.

Course Description : Research on the analysis and design of cyber-physical-systems has grown rapidly in recent years, with one of the latest developments being an expansion in scope to include consideration of the roles humans perform in these systems. Cyber-physical-human systems (CPHS) applications include healthcare and medicine, intelligent vehicles and highways, aerospace systems, human-robot interaction, home and workplace automation, and many others. Core research issues concern how best to partition computation or cognition between human and machine, designing synergistic CPHS that outperform either humans or technology acting alone, system safety and security, supporting individual and group situation awareness and decision making, and CPHS interface design principles and technologies.

Course time and location: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30pm - 1:45pm, 1131 Siebel Center for Computer Science.

Handbook Website : The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Engineering.

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