Fall 2018






Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office
12:30-1:50pm, Tue Thur 3081 ECEB Yurii Vlasov (yvlasov@illinois.edu) Tue 2:30 PM or by appointment 1250 MNTL

Grader/TA TBD (tbd@illinois.edu)

Textbook: S.L.Chuang, Physics of Photonic Devices, 2nd Edition, Wiley, New York, 2009.

Supplementary Text (not required) B.E.A.Saleh and M.C.Teich, Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd ed., Wiley, New York, 2007.

Tuesday (12:30 - 13:50) ECEB 3081

Thursday (12:30 - 13:50) ECEB 3081

8/28 L1.Introduction, Maxwell's equations. Boundary conditions (§2.1);  Notes;   9/04 L2.Time-harmonic fields and duality principle, Poynting's theorem (§5.1, §5.2);  Notes;  

HW1 assignment   HW1 solutions  

9/05 L3. Plane wave solutions (§5.3). Propagation in isotropic media (§5.4)  Notes;   9/06 L4. Wave propagation in lossy media (§5.5)  Notes;  

HW2 assignment   HW2 solutions  

9/11 L5 Plane wave reflection from a surface. Brewster angle, critical angle (§5.6)  Notes;   9/13 L6. Matrix optics(§5.7)  Notes;  

HW3 assignment   HW3 solutions  

9/18 L7. Propagation-matrix approach (§5.8)  Notes;   9/20 L8. Multilayered and periodic media (§5.8,§5.9)  Slides;    Notes;  

HW4 assignment   HW4 solutions  

9/25 L9. Light propagation in uniaxial media (§6.1)  Notes;   9/27 Exam I

 Take Home Exam 1   due on Monday, Oct 1, 12:00pm

Exam1 solutions  

10/3 L10. Ordinary and extraordinary waves (§6.1)


10/4 L11. Polaroid and quarter-wave plate (§6.1).  Notes;  

HW5 assignment   HW5 solutions  

10/09 L12. Symmetric dielectric waveguides TE modes (§7.1)  Notes;  

10/11 L13. Propagation constant and effective index, Optical confinement factor (§7.1)  Notes;  

HW6 assignment   HW6 solutions  

10/16 L14. TM modes, Cutoff conditions, dispersion relation (§7.1)  Notes;   10/18 L15. Asymmetric dielectric waveguides (§7.2), Ray optics approach (§7.3)  Notes;  

HW7 assignment   HW7 solutions  

10/23 L16. Surface plasmon waveguides (§7.7)  Notes;    Slides;   10/25 L17 Waveguide couplers (§8.1)  Notes;  

HW8 assignment   HW8 solutions  

10/30 L18. Coupled optical waveguides (§8.2)  Slides;    Notes;   11/01 L19. Applications of optical waveguide couplers (§8.3)  Notes;  

  Take Home Exam 2   due on Thursday, November 8, 12:30pm in class Exam2 solutions  

11/8 L20. Optical ring resonators and add-drop filters (§8.4)  Slides;    Notes;  

HW9 assignment   HW9 solutions  

11/13 L21. Optical fibers, numerical aperture (Class notes)  Notes;   11/15 L22. Attenuation in optical fibers (Class notes)  Notes;    Slides;  
11/20 Thanksgiving Break 11/23 Thanksgiving Break
11/27 L23. Signal distortion in optical waveguides, group delay, dispersions (Class notes)  Notes;    Slides;   11/29 L24. Electro-optical effects and Amplitude modulators (§13.1)  Notes;    HW10 assignment   HW10 solutions  

12/04 L25. Transverse amplitude modulator (§13.1)  Notes;   12/06 L26. Phase modulators (§13.2)


12/11 L27. Electro-optical effects in waveguide devices (§13.3)


12/13 Reading day (no class)
12/17 MONDAY FINAL EXAM 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Unless specified otherwise, homework will be assigned weekly on Thursdays on-line on this web page and collected a week later next Thursday in class. No late homework will be accepted (except when special permission is granted by your instructor before the due date).


Two midsemester exams (in class) and the final exam are scheduled as follows

Exam I Thursday, September 27, 2018
Exam II Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Final Exam 8:00am-11:00am December 17, 2018


Homework and Class Participation 25% of total
Midterm Exam I 25% of total
Midterm Exam II 25% of total
Final Exam 25% of total