ECE 459 - Fall 2019

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Lectures: TR, 9.30am-10.50am, 3081 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg.

Instructor: Prof. Juan Alvarez, alvarez@, 3046 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg (ECEB), 300-5452.

Teaching Assistant: Grant Greenberg, gcgreen2@.

Suggested (not required) textbooks:

Others are at Grainger in reserve.

Lecture Attendance Policy: We invite relevant questions and comments during lectures. Address your questions and comments to the entire class; avoid disruptive behavior such as talking to neighbors, unless the instructor invites you to form discussion groups. Kindly turn off or mute cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices during lectures.

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Review slides, last update: November 7.

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Starting September 6, through December 9:

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  1. Introduction
  2. Representation of Signals and Systems
  3. Analog Modulation
  4. Probability and Random Processes
  5. Noise in Analog Modulation
  6. Digital Communication

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It is the student's responsibility to check that the correct grades are entered in COMPASS2g. There will be no changes after a week past the lecture date when the corresponding hw, exam or quiz is returned (missing that lecture or not picking up the document does not extend the timeframe).

The final grade will be calculated as follows:

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HW 7 due: Tuesday, December 3 @ 10.50am
HW 6 due: Tuesday, November 12 @ 10.50am solution
HW 5 due: Tuesday, November 5 @ 10.50am solution
HW 4 due: Tuesday, October 22 @ 10.50am solution
HW 3 due: Tuesday, October 8 @ 10.50am solution
HW 2 due: Tuesday, September 24 @ 10.50am solution
HW 1 due: Tuesday, September 10 @ 10.50am solution

Written homework assignments will be posted above and will be due on Tuesdays by the end of the lecture on the due date by handing it to the instructor or by dropping it in box # 48 at the northwest corner of the 3rd floor next to the service elevator.

Late homework will receive no credit.

The lowest two homework marks will be dropped to account for possible sickness or emergencies.

Homework format: Your homework assignment should be readable, clearly written. In the case it isn't, students will be penalized with reduction of points or zero credits. The header should be in the following format: left side up corner: course number, section, and semester; right side up corner: student name and netID; and in the middle HW1,2, etc. See the following picture as an example:

Regrades: If you want to request a regrade of your homework, you must do so within a week of it being initially handed back during lecture (if you pick it up late you do not get an extension). To request a regrade, on a separate piece of paper, write why you think you should get more credit. Staple this paper to your homework and then hand it to the instructor.

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Exams and reviews for them are scheduled for these dates:

There are no scheduled make-up exams. If you have an unavoidable medical or personal emergency, an exception might be granted. To be eligible for a make-up exam, you must notify the instructor (not the TA) before the scheduled starting time of the exam, and you must fully document your absence.

Students with documented disabilities must notify the lecture instructor at least two weeks before Exam 1.

All exams will be closed book, closed notes, but you may bring one sided 8 1/2 ′′ by 11 ′′ sheet of notes. Calculators, laptop computers, cell phones, tables of integrals, etc. are neither necessary nor permitted. Electronic devices of any sort such as calculators, laptops, PDAs, cellphones, pagers, iPods or other MP3 players etc. are not permitted.

The tables of Fourier transform and important signals will be provided.

Regrades: If when you receive your graded exam, and after looking at the posted solutions, you feel there was an inaccuracy in the grading of your exam, fill out this exam regrade request form and staple it to your exam BUT do not write on or alter in any way your original exam paper. Turn in such regrade requests to your instructor by the end of your lecture on Thursday of the week the exams are handed back or in the HW mailbox (#48) by 3pm on Friday of the week the exams are handed back.

Exam 1
Exam 2