Date Slides Topic Presenter Administrivia Notes
08/28 PDF Introduction Ravi Iyer Airline Usecase
08/30 PDF Taxonomy & Tandem System Ravi Iyer Assignment 0 (Survey) due Taxonomy Paper
09/4 Labor Day
09/6 PDF Hardware Redundancy Ravi Iyer Tandem System Paper
09/11 PDF Information Redundancy: Coding Ravi Iyer In-class Assignment
09/13 P1, P2 Hardware Errors (Paper 1, Paper 2) Krishnakant Saboo, Debjit Pal
09/18 P1, P2 Fault Tolerance in Hardware (Paper 1, Paper 2) Sharon Tang, Keven Liwei Feng BW Mini-Project Released
09/20 PDF Software Fault Tolerance Ravi Iyer
09/25 P1, P2 Software Fault Tolerance with Invariants (Paper 1, Paper 2) Yuming Wu, Pooja Malik
09/27 PPTX Fault Tolerance in CISCO Switches Nithin Nakka (External Speaker)
10/1 BW Mini-Project Due
10/2 PDF IBM z-System Ravi Iyer IBMG4, IBMG5, IBMRAS
10/3 BW Mini-Project (5pm) Student Presenations
10/4 PDF Taming the Beast: Enhancing Fault Tolerance and Energy-effciency with Internet-scale Distributed Systems Peter Garraghan (External Speaker)
10/9 P1, P2 Fault Tolerance elsewhere in the software stack (Paper 1, Paper 2) Khalique Ahmed, Sandeep Gautam Vora
10/11 P1, P2 Fault Tolerant Systems Examples (Paper 1.1, Paper 1.2, Paper 1.3, Paper 2) Luke E Pistick, Mayank Bhatt
10/13 FI Mini-Project Released
10/16 PDF Distributed Systems - Broadcast Protocols Ravi Iyer
10/18 PDF Distributed Systems - Agreement Protocols Ravi Iyer
10/22 FI Mini-Project Due
10/23 PDF Distributed Systems - Checkpointing Ravi Iyer In-class Assignment
FI Mini-Project Student Presenations
10/25 Final Project Proposal Discussion
10/30 Good Enough Dependability: A New Paradigm For Dependable Systems Design Karthik Pattabiramn (External Speaker)
11/1 P1, P2 Distributed Systems (Paper 1, Paper 2) Yixiao Wei, Shilpa Ramesh
11/6 PDF Analytical Models for Fault Tolerance Ravi Iyer Perfomability Modeling
11/8 P2 Analytical Models for Fault Tolerance (Paper 1, Paper 2) Ravi Iyer In-class Assignment
11/13 Final Project Mid-term Presentations Final Project Mid-term Due
11/15 P1, P2 Approximate Computing (Paper 1, Paper 2) Chang Hu, Rui Yang
11/20 Thanksgiving Break
11/22 Thanksgiving Break
11/27 PDF Security Ravi Iyer AttackTagger
11/29 PDF Cyber-Physical Systems Ravi Iter
12/4 PDF Validation Ravi Iyer
12/6 P1, P2 Security (Paper 1, Paper 2) Lavin Devnani, Elizabeth Reed
12/11 P1, P2 Emerging Topics in Fault Tolerance (Paper 1a, Paper 1b, Paper 2) Yang Liu, Ching Yang Tan
12/13 PDF Shared Intelligence Platform for Protecting our National Cyberinfrastructure Alexander Withers
12/18 Student Presentations Final Project Presentation
12/18 Report Due

Paper Presentation Order

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