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If you wake up feeling sick, do not come to class. Please seek medical assistance and focus on recovering.
For more information about absences due to illness, see What do I do if I am sick?



Week 15 (11/27-12/1) Welcome back from Fall Break!

As we close in on the end of the semester I encourage you to pay attention to opportunities that are still open for earning points in the class, particularly the remaining bonus points and late homework deadlines. We will not be offering any other extra credit or point-earning opportunities at the end of the semester beyond those that are already available to you.

This week:

  • Lectures 26 and 27 (heat and heat transfer)
  • Quiz 9 retake
  • Discussion 14/Quiz 10
  • Lab Practical (in person and online) this week.
  • Homework 13 is due Thursday 11/30 at 8am

Final Exam prep materials:

Here is a summary of all remaining schedule and deadlines this semester:

Day Event
Mon. Nov. 27

Prelecture and Checkpoint 26 due 8am
Lecture 26
Quiz 9 retake

Wed. Nov. 29 Lecture 27
Week of 11/27-12/1 Last discussion and quiz
In-person lab practical
Thurs. Nov. 30 Homework 13 due 8am
Mon. Dec. 4 Lecture 28 (review)
Quiz 10 retake
Wed. Dec. 6 Lecture 29 (review)
Lab practical online component due 11:59pm
Homework 14 due 11:59pm
Thurs. Dec. 7 James Scholar papers due in Gradescope at 5pm (final deadline)
Thurs. Dec. 7 through
Wed. Dec. 13
Final exam at CBTF. We will not be able to release final grades until all students have completed the final.
Mon. Dec. 11 70% deadline at 8am for Homeworks 1-11
90% deadline at 8am for Homeworks 12-14

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Registering After the First Day of Classes

If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes:


We will be using iClicker for participation and bonus points during lecture. You may use physical iclickers or the iClicker Cloud Student app. (more information about setting up iClicker)


You can access the content at and you have full access for the first two weeks free of charge.  Sometime in the first two weeks you will need to pay for access by purchasing a code through the UIUC bookstore.  Details of how to pay for access are available via pdf.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for discussion will receive a grade of 0% on the discussion group assignment of the day and will not be permitted to take the quiz.


Please review the required materials list to see what you need.

Students must be on time and prepared for labs. All lab sections but one take place in person in 4018 Campus Instructional Facility.


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