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The third midterm exam will be on Thursday-Friday, Nov. 19-20, during your regularly scheduled lab time, in the computer lab 257 Loomis. The midterm will cover Lects. 13-21 (Lenz' law - Optical instruments). It is important that you start reviewing material early. Cramming is not an effective way to review physics concepts. Here are some useful resources to help you prepare:

  1. Some suggested study tips.
  2. The equation sheet that you will be provided for the exams.
  3. Study sheets to help you review Lenz' & Faraday's law and the Mirrors and Lenses.
  4. Practice exams from past semesters are available in print and on the course website. Please be aware that the curriculum has changed over the years, so some material covered in past exams will not be relevant to you (ex: Faraday's law for midterm exam 2). Written solutions are available for most of the practice exams on Prof. Oono's site. Video solutions of selected exams are also available in ByteShelf (scroll down to "Hour Exams' Solutions").
  5. A list of extra practice questions (listed by lecture) from the course textbook, "College Physics" by Giambattista.
  6. TAs will be holding extra office hours the week of the exam.


"Delayed feedback" homework problem grading

This is to clarify how the "Delayed Feedback" homework problems work (these are the ones with the little stopwatch next to them). Before the first deadline for each homework assignment (indicated by the red box on your ByteShelf calendar view), the system will not tell you whether your answers to these questions are right or wrong. You can answer a question as many times as you like (up to 100 tries each), and you can view the help videos as many times as you like. When the first deadline passes your grade on these questions will be based on the last answer you submitted before the deadline. 

If you have one of these Delayed Feedback questions wrong at the first deadline you still have until the second deadline - a week later - to correct it. The system will now tell you whether your answer is right or wrong when you hit the submit button. Given that these are multiple choice questions it is not very difficult to get them all correct at this point. If a question is incorrect at the first deadline but correct before the second deadline, you will get back 80% of the credit for it.




Excused Absences

Please submit your excused absence no later than 10 business days from your absence via the Excused Absences application. For more information regarding this course's excuses policy, please refer to the Attendance Policy page.

Academic Integrity

All activities in this course, including documentation submitted for petition for an excused absence, are subject to the Academic Integrity rules as described in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.


Please register your i>clicker in the student gradebook.

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