Books on Reserve in Physics Library ---- PHYSICS 150 Fall 2003

Short List of Books actively used and recommended by Prof. Martin:
Feynman, R. - The character of physical law
Feynman, R. - Six Easy Pieces
Gamow, G. - Mr. Tomkins explores the atom
Gamow, G. - Mr. Tomkins in paperback
Kuhn, T. - The Coperican revolution
Kuhn, T. - The structure of scientific revolutions
Lightman, A. - Great Ideas in Physics (Textbook)
March, R. - Physics for poets, 5th edition( Textbook)

Complete List of Books on Reserve for Physics 150 in Physics Library:
Barrens, B. - About science
Ohm, D. - Causality and chance in modern physics
Bridgman, P. - The logic of modern physics
Butterfield - The origins of modern science
Collins - Changing order
Duhem, P. - The aim and structure of physical theory
Esptein - Thinking physics is Gedanken physics
Greene, B.,
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory          
Hewitt, P. - Conceptual physics
Hilton, G. - Thematic origins of scientific revolutions
Holton, G. - Introduction to concepts and theories in physical science
Jones, R. S., Physics for the Rest of Us
Lederman, L. - The god particle
Pickering, A. - Constructing quarks
Popper, K. - The logic of scientific discovery
Rogers, E. - Physics for the inquiring mind
Segre, E. - From falling bodies to radio waves
Segre, E. - From x-rays to quarks
Shamos,M. - Great experiments in physics
Shapiro,G. - Physics without math
Spielberg, N. - Seven ideas that shook the universe
Trefil, J. - Physics as a Liberal art