Homework 3 - Physics 150 Fall 2003
Due September 24, 2003

  1. Write in your own words a short essay on Newton's theory of gravitation. Describe the observations that are accounted for by the theory, and justify that this is a scientific theory. In addition, describe in your words ways in which Netwon's theory goes beyond previous work.

  2. Questions/Problems in the text, March
    Chap. 2, Problem 10
    Chap. 3, Question C. In addition to the explanation in terms of Netwon's laws give an explanation in terms of conservation of momentum.

    Chap. 3, Problem 2

    Chap. 3, Problem 6

    Chap. 3, Problem 8
    Chap. 4, Question A

    Chap. 4, Problem 5 (The answer is given in the book. For credit, show clearly your work to get answer.)
    Chap. 5, Question B

    Chap. 5, Problem 2
    Continuing Problem 2: If the mass in problem 2 is released from rest at a height of 30 meters, what is its kinetic energy when it falls to the original height of 0 meters?

    Remember that there are hints, worked exercise that covers several examples, and there are answers to odd-numbered problems that are very similar to problems assigned.