Homework 7 Phys150, Fall 2003
Due Monday Nov. 3, 2003

  1. Question B, Ch. 11 of March.
  2. Question B, Ch. 12 of March.
  3. Question C, Ch. 12 of March.
  4. Exercises
    1. Ex. 1, Ch. 11. This is worked out in the solutions. Give the answer also for v = 0.6 c.
    2. Ex. 4, Ch. 11.
    3. Ex. 6, Ch. 11.
    4. Ex. 8, Ch. 11.
    5. Ex. 1, Ch. 12. This asks you to verify that the shortest distance between Chicago and Rome is NOT an east-west line, although the two cities are the same distance from the equator.
    6. Ex. 2, Ch. 12.
    7. This is a problem like Ex. 3 of Ch. 12. Find the time gain of the same clock over the period of 100,000 s if the clock is at the top of a 100 m tall building compared to a clock at the base of the building.
    8. Ex. 4, Ch. 12. Note that the problem asks for the gain in time RELATIVE to an identical cock on the surface of the earth.
    9. Exercise for yourself. DO NOT TURN IN. Verify that the sum of angles of a triangle on a globe is GREATER than 180 degrees. .
Remember that there are hints, worked exercise that covers several examples, and there are answers to odd-numbered problems that are very similar to problems assigned.