Homework 8 Phys150, Fall 2003
Due Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2003

  1. Question A, Ch. 13 of March.
  2. Question C, Ch. 13 of March.
  3. Ex. 1, Ch. 14. Hint: the alpha particle travel in a straight line until it scatters. Consider a particle that goes all the way through without scattering (many do). How many gold atoms does it pass through?
  4. Ex. 2, Ch. 14. Hint: think of each nucleus in exercise 1 as a small target.
  5. Ex. 4, Ch. 14.
  6. Ex. 1, Ch. 15.
  7. Ex. 2, Ch. 15.
  8. Ex. 4, Ch. 15. Note relation of part a to exercise 4, Ch. 14.
  9. Question B, Ch. 16. Note that this is related to exercise 2. You may answer by working ex. 2 or by an argument in words.
  10. Ex. 1, Ch. 16.
  11. Ex. 3, Ch. 16. Hint: The worked exercise shows the way to calculate the wavelength.
  12. Ex. 4, Ch. 16.
  13. Extra credit - NOT required. Ex. 7 , Ch. 15. The muon plus proton can be made in experiments. It is just like hydrogen except for the heavy muon mass. Find the energy as asked. Also find the energy and wavelength of light emitted in the M=2 to n=1 transition.
Remember that there are hints, worked exercises that cover several examples, and there are answers to odd-numbered problems that are very similar to problems assigned.