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Don't let the somewhat plain appearance of this webpage fool you, it's the links that are exciting. If you want to look at additional material related to the course, or if you just want to relax and surf the web, this is a good page to start from - WT

History of physics course syllabi collected by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). These contains history of physics references and related course materials. You can also take the opportunity to browse through the AIP website including the rest of the history section.
Powers of Ten; from quarks to quasars. Take the trip yourself:
Powers of Ten: Clusters of galaxies (shown) to quarks
Powers of Ten: Animated Applets
A "best of" for pictures from the Hubble telescope. They're pretty impressive.
More Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures.
Physics section of Martindale's Desk Reference. Defies categorization. There's quite a bit of stuff here - some advanced, but some very accessible. You have to search it out. The parent site is pretty good too.
Zillions of web sites with very pretty astrophysics pictures:
Movies and explanations of different orbits.
Astronomical pictures & animations
Course "Space and Time" by Dr. Hickey based on Stephen Hawking's best selling book, "A Brief History of Time"; at Hartwick:
The Particle Adventure; the fundamentals of matter and force:
Everything you ever wanted to know about superstrings. The links from here are at varying levels of accessibility, but there should material interesting for everyone
Virtual trips to black holes and neutron stars:
Birth and Death of Stars; Physics 122 at U. Oregon.
Some information about all sorts of mathematics related to Physics. Mathematics Encyclopedia.
Structure and Evolution of the Universe/. NASA site. This site is very large. Bring some relaxed time!
Pictures of famous physicists, from A through Z.
More (other) pictures of famous physicists from A through Z:
More famous physicists and astronomers:
Physics eduactional resources - also many courses, beginning, historical, philosophical as well as more advanced:
Center for the History of Physics. From the American Institute of Physics.
The Universe and the Origin of Life. Astronomy 201 at Washington.
HISTORY OF PHYSICS: General Collections. Part of the net advance in physics.
Contempory Physics Education Project (CPEP)
Historical/physical account of 2 revolutions in physics: 1) Galileo, 2) Einstein. Very nice
Mathematics history by mathematicians, from zero to now - extensive.
Johannes Kepler; His Life, His Laws and Times
Kepler's laws with animation:
Sir Issac Newton; Life and personality - with more links
From stargazers to starships; Lots of useful information on astronomy, physics and history. From NASA - well done. Extensive.
Astronomy 161, The Solar System. Very good descriptive course from Dept. Physics & Astronomy , University of Tennessee.
Astronomy 162, Stars, Galaxies, and, Cosmology. Very good descriptive course from Dept. Physics & Astronomy , University of Tennessee.
WWW Virtual Library; History of Science, Technology & Medicine
This is a great site on Energy and Environment. There is an extraordinarily well organized and extensive amount of material. From the University of Oregon. See the Physics 161 and 162.
NOVA, the PBS science TV series
A site with some neat stuff about the leaning tower of Pisa.: NOVA
Interactive Physics and Math with JAVA


Windows to the Universe - this site is very extensive, can be read by beginners, intermediate or advanced readers - it is full of interesting material and has great explanations and pictures.
Quasars (this is part of the above site)
When the earth became a black hole
The art of Renaissance science:
History of Science on Stamps:
Physicists on Money and Stamps
A good site for the history of physics:
Movies from NASA:
How stuff works:
Physics 2000 - a site for self physics study with a chat - elementary and excellent: Lots of interactive demos.
Java Applets on Physics. This is a great site with all sorts of computer experiments on basic physics. Very easy to follow, and many of them are very informative.


Extensive notes covering the development of the current scientific concepts of space and time through history, emphasizing the newest developments and ideas
A special relativity web site. Lots of illustration.
The Usenet Relativity FAQ.
A relativity site.
Relativity page from the SLAC Virtual Visitor Center.
How stuff work - Relativity. Concise.
Essentially, ther relativity FAQ from the newsgroup. Mostly solid stuff here. Anything speculative is clearly disclaimed as such.
part of a whole physics course on the web from the University of Winnipeg
This is a book by Einstein
This is a list of web sites at different levels
The Light Cone - an illuminating introduction to relativity
The Dummies' Guide to Special Relativity
Visualizing Special Relativity - short but interesting


A short introduction
A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry. Lots 'o math.
Rudiments of Quantum Theory: Classical Tour, Experimental Tour, Quantum Tour, Mathematical Basics, Math for Quantum, Simple Quantum Models - more advanced, but well organized, and with lots of models.
A history of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Computing with Molecules - Scientific American
Physics Web - lots of things about Physics. In this issue there are articles about Quantum Information. These articles are well written, and well cross referenced within the publication.
Classical, Quantum, Nanoscale & Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics: Educational Sites. This site has many references to other web pages on these topics. Many are very good.
This is a history (in outline form) of all the different areas of Physics.
Lots of links to quantum things and other topics in physics. Too many to check how good, but seems like a fun site to search around. Interesting topics. No guaruntee of quality.
The Nature of Space and Time: Two relativists present their distinctive views on the universe, its evolution and the impact of quantum theory. Quantum theory By Stephen W. Hawking and Roger Penrose. In Scientific American. A debate.
Intro to Quantum Mechanics. This page is intended to give an ordinary person a brief overview of the importance and wonder of quantum mechanics.
Primer on Quantum Theory of the Atom


Einstein quotes
A German talk in Berlin
Einstein talks

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