General Information for James Scholar Credit in Physics 211


In order to obtain James Scholars credit in Physics 211, you must complete the James Scholars homework assignments that are available online. Each problem (three problems per assignment) will be graded out of 10 points each, and you will have to maintain an average of about 8/10 in order to receive credit. The problems are harder than others in 211; we want you to give them your best, however. There will be 5 such assignments, due every 2 or 3 weeks and timed to avoid collisions with hour exams, etc. as best we can. Please note that the grades on these assignments DO NOT affect your overall 211 grade IN ANY WAY.

Each assignment is due by 5pm on the specified due date.   Late assignments will receive zero credit.  Assignments which do not conform to instructions below will also receive zero credit.

Your solutions for each assignment should be submitted by hardcopy to the Physics 211 James Scholar homework box located on the north side of the 2nd floor of Loomis Lab, next door to room 290Z.  (Do not put the assignment in anyone's mail box.)  Each problem should be submitted on a separate sheet of paper.  Be sure to put your name, netid, the assignment number and the problem number on each submission.   Be sure to show a reasonable amount of your work; more is always better than less. If we ask for a numerical answer don't forget the units. The solution will also involve submission of a graph. You may make the graphs with any software you want or submit the graph as hand-drawn.  Don't forget to label the axes of the graphs with the variables plotted and include units.


Finally, the administrative part: in order to obtain honors credit for 211, you must obtain an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) form, get it signed, and turn it in to your college office.

Where do I get the HCLA form?
If you are in the College of Engineering, you must obtain a paper form. These are available from the undergrad offices of the Physics Department (Loomis 231/233) or the College of Engineering (306 Engineering Hall). If you are in the College of LAS, the whole process can be done online using an EHCLA (electronic HCLA). The instructions for obtaining an EHCLA were emailed to you by the LAS Honors Program. If you have lost this email, you can obtain a printout of the instructions from their office at Room 1 of the YMCA building.
How to I get the form signed?
College of Engineering: See your lecturer right after class; he or she will be happy to sign the paper form for you. You must then hand the signed form in to the College office in 306 Eng Hall. College of LAS: Your electronic eHCLA will be sent by email to the course instructor, which should be your lecturer. They provide a virtual signature by simply replying to the email.