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  • Lectures will be held on Mondays, 3:30 - 4:20 pm in 276 Loomis Laboratory.
  • Data analysis is done using the Origin Lab software. The install file and serial number are located on the computers in ESB 6103.  Working with Origin 8.6.pdf is very simple introduction to how use Origin for data analysis and presentation.
  • Origin 2017 tutorial - download; This website has a video tutorial on how to fit data with a user-defined function.
  • Computers on 2nd floor of LLP have Mathematica, Origin, Matlab, MS office, LaTex, etc.
  • OriginPro 2017 is available at the UIUC Webstore for free.
  • If you're having trouble clicking on the Server link, please copy and paste \\engr-file-03\PHYINST\APL Courses\PHYCS401 into a file window (not a browser window).