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Here is link to a sample midterm exam from a past semester, with the solutions (written by the instructor of the course at the time). This is to give you a hint of the expectations and the length of the exam.

Midterm Exam: The Midterm will take place on Monday, 10/26/2020 11:00am – 12:50pm. It will cover the material from lectures 1-13 (including Fresnel equations).
The exam will be available for download at the time of the exam via GradeScope, and you will need to upload your solutions to GradeScope once you finish answering the quesions – just as you do for homework. The exam will be proctored by remote proctors via Zoom using the CBTF service.

If you have not logged in to the CBTF page please do so as soon as possible and reserve the exam, otherwise you may not be able to take it. The duration of the exam includes the time to set up your environment for CBTF, download the exam and upload solutions to GradeScope.
The exam is open book and may be taken with the assistance of any print materials associated with the course, including the text, homework, lecture notes, etc.. Calculators are also allowed. Any other electronics is not allowed unless is needed for the purpose of downloading the exam, uploading your answers, or for the CBTF service.

9/17/2020: Starting with HW #4, all homework assignments are posted on GradeScope and all submissions should be uploaded to Gradescope.

8/30/2020: Students who are registered in a lab section – please complete the laser safety training at before your first laboratory class!

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