Physics 460 - Fall 2019 - Instructor: David Ceperley

Condensed Matter Physics


Course description:

The goal of this course is to set the foundation for future coursework and research in condensed matter physics. We will cover topics such as electronic structure of crystalline systems, metals, semi-conductors, magnetically ordered materials, and possibly more advanced topics such as low-dimensional systems and superconductors. The hope is that this course will lay the conceptual framework needed by all experimentally and theoretically minded students to understand the basics of condensed matter physics.

Credit is not given for both Phys460 and MSE304. Prerequisite: Phys 435; Phys 485 or Phys486.

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Days, Time:

Tuesday, Thursday 3:30 - 4:50 PM


136 Loomis Laboratory of Physics




David Ceperley

Instructor Office:

2107 Engineering Sciences Bldg. (ESB)

Prof. Office Hours:

11am on Thursday in 2107 ESB




Paul (Yubo) Yang


TA Office:

3137 ESB or 3rd floor commons of ESB

TA Office Hours:

Monday, 10 am





The Oxford Solid State Basics by Steven Simon.

Paperback version is fine and cheaper.



See here.

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