Physics 581 - Quantum Mechanics II - Spring 2017

Meets Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-3:20 in 144 Loomis


Instructor: Bryan Clark

Office: ESB 2111

Email: bkclark at illinois dot edu

Office hours: Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (ESB 2111) or by appointment


Homework Grader:


Xiongjie Yu
Office : ESB 3103
Email: xyu40 [at] illinois [dot] edu
Office hours: Monday 3-4



Problem sets

Lecture notes


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Welcome to 581. See you in class! The syllabus has been posted. Please check here regularly for announcements and updates to lecture notes and problem sets.




Course setup:

Subject Matter: This course will teach you quantum mechanics at a more advanced level then most student's will have seen in undergraduate quantum mechanics. We will attempt to develop a conceptual understanding of quantum phenomena as well as develop expertise at solving quantum problems.  We will cover a number of topics including finding eigenstates using perturbation theory and the variational method, time dependent pertrubation theory and the quantization of EM field, scattering and multiple particles, numerical methods for quantum physics as well as many-body physics.  

The heart and soul of this course are the problem sets.  It is by doing problems that you will learn quantum mechanics.  


Problem sets:




Midterm and final exam/project instruction


Texts:  Here are various useful texts. You'll get the best understanding of quantum mechanics by reading through various expositions of the same material.

In addition to various texts, there are some good notes online.  Two of note include: