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Welcome to Phys 212!

We sent a mass email on Thursday January 11th with information to help you get oriented for the start of the course. You can find a copy here.  

If you wake up feeling sick, do not come to class. Seek medical attention and request an EX grade.

Registering after the first day of classes:

If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes, please contact your lecturer to make up any missed work. It is your responsibility to do this before the 8th week of classes.


Be sure to do the prelecture and checkpoint before lecture, they are available at 

We will be using physical I>Clickers for participation and bonus points during lecture. You may use any version of the physical clicker (but not the phone app).


You can access the content at and you have full access for the first two weeks free of charge.  Sometime in the first two weeks you will need to pay for access by purchasing a code through the UIUC bookstore.  Details of how to pay for access are available via pdf.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion. You will need paper, pencil/pen and a calculator.


Students must be on time and prepared for labs.


Excused Absences

Academic Integrity