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Office Hours


This list below (including blue "Exam Week" entries) represents the coverage of office hours that will be in place during the week of 5/4 - 5/8, to help answer questions in advance of the Final Exam.

All office hours will be held remotely. Details for how to access the virtual office hours can be found at the new OH meeting ID tab.



Homework Day!
Due at 11:00 PM 

Exam Week Extra Office Hours
Thursday Friday
9:00 AM Daniel Gysbers Tim Miller Yiqi Xie (Exam week) Devyn Shafer Bryce Gadway
10:00 AM Kevin Kleiner Fatemeh Amerikheirabadi
Tim Miller (Exam Week)
Katie Ansell (Exam week)   Maggie Mahmood
11:00 AM Matthew Thibodeau Alexander Zakrzewski Devyn Shafer (Exam week) Minhui Zhu Jimmy Yuan
12:00 Noon Siddharth Mansingh Yiqi Xie Alexander Deich (Exam week)

Tyler Salners

Alexander Deich

Mats Selen
1:00 PM John Slimak David Lee Mats Selen (Exam week) Elizabeth Goldschmidt  
2:00 PM Katie Ansell

Elizabeth Goldschmidt

Jimmy Yuan (Exam week)

Bryce Gadway Shengzhu Yin  
3:00 PM

Carina Franzisk Baker

Shengzhu Yin (Exam Week)

Jaki Noronha-Hostler Daniel Gysbers (Exam week) Helvi Witek  
4:00 PM Thomas Johnson Jiayu Shen
Yu Ding (Exam Week)
Anuva Aishwarya Adnan Choudhary  
5:00 PM Christian Boyd

Yu Ding

Rachel Birchmier(Exam week)

Soorya Suresh Babu (Exam week) Rachel Birchmier  
6:00 PM Adnan Rebei

Joey Li

Adnan Rebei (Exam week)

Fatemeh Amerikheirabadi (Exam week)    
7:00 PM Sammy Goldman Soorya Suresh Babu Carina Franziska Baker (Exam week)    


IOLab Help: For questions about the Lab component of the course, or for help with the IOLab hardware or software, email Prof. Mats Selen at


James Scholar Office Hours

Help on the James Scholar assignments will be provided by the James Scholar TA, Kristina Meier, during JS Office Hours according to the following schedule:

These JS office hours will be held remotely, with details communicated to you directly by the James Scholar Teaching Assistant.