PHYS 212 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Attendance Policy

Section Attendance

Students are expected to attend the laboratory and discussion section in which they are registered.  Section swapping is not allowed.


Please be on time for all sections/exams.

Credit for Participation in Lab and Discussion

Student active participation is required to receive credit for your group assignments in lab and discussion.  

Active participation includes both participating in the lab or discussion video conference:

 and completing required written work on each group assignment.

It must be clear to discussion or lab instructor that you have been an active participant in each group activity.

If it is unclear through both your written work, and your instructor's observations of your interactions during the video conference, you may be marked ABS for an assignment.


Types of Absence

Two types of absence can be recorded in the gradebook:

The only course components eligible to be issued a grade of EX:

The consequences of absences, excused or otherwise, are discussed in the course grading policy.

Excused Absences

Excused absences will be granted and documented in accordance with University policy as described in Article 1, Part 5 Class Attendance, of the Student Code.

Excused absences fall into the following categories as defined by the code:


The Excused Absences application will guide students through the procedure for documenting missed classes, including the effects of the absence on students' grades.

Final Exams

Failing to show-up for a final exam will result in an AB grade resulting in failure (F) for the course.

In accordance with University policy as described in Article 3, Part 1 Grades and Grading Systems of the Student Code, only an authorized member of the Dean's Office of the student's college can change an AB final exam grade to an EX.

University policy will apply for EX grades so granted, as described in Article 3, Part 2 Examinations of the Student Code.

Course Completion and Irregular Attendance

In compliance with the Student Code, the instructor of this course determines the amount of coursework which must be completed to pass. Attendance is required to meet the requirements.

A student is allowed a maximum of three (3) excused absences in discussion. There will be one (1) excused absence allowed for labs, prelabs and lab practicals but an opportunity to make-up a lab will be available at the end of the semester.

To see how EXs will be calculated at the end of the semester, be sure to review the course grading page.

If a student receives more than four absences in discussion or labs, their conduct will be considered irregular attendance and the Dean of their college will be notified in compliance with Article 1, Part 5, Section 501, item (g) and (h) and Article 3, Part 3, Section 3-312 of the Student Code.