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This course begins 1 week earlier than most second semester courses. Please check the date in the timetable for the actual start date.


There will be a midterm review session in Loomis 141 at 1 pm on Sunday April 10. Questions from the Spring 2015 midterm exam will be reviewed.


Down load my review session notes here (This may be the better file to look at.)

Download the marked up slides here.


Excused Absences

Please submit your excused absence no later than 12 business days from your absence via the Excused Absences application. For more information regarding this course's excuses policy, please refer to the Attendance Policy page.

Academic Integrity

All activities in this course, including documentation submitted for petition for an excused absence, are subject to the Academic Integrity rules as described in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.


Please register your i>clicker in the student gradebook.

Be sure to refer to the i>clicker information page for more information.