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Exam Information

Where's My Exam?

Find out by going to

When will I take my exam?
Check the course schedule.

Who will proctor my exam?
Your exam will be proctored by the TA staff for PHYS 213.

May I bring a formula sheet and scratch paper to the exam?
No, a formula sheet and scratch paper will be provided. All papers will be collected at the end of the exam.

What should I bring to the exam?

Mid-term Exam Preparation

Peer review sessions:

Graduate student review sessions:

The HKN review session will be held Saturday,November 9th, from 12-3pm in ECEB 1002

Extra practice problems

These questions are NOT representative of how much coverage certain topics will have on the actual midterm -- please use prelectures, lectures, homeworks, discussions, and the overview video as your primary studying resources: extra practice problems / answers

View the practice problems on the smart.physics system.

Midterm Review

Final Exam

The final exam will be two hours in length and will cover material from the whole semester.There will be two exam times; check on your gradebook to see which one you are signed up for and to change before Wed Dec 11.

For more information see the Office of the Registrar.

Final Exam Preparation

HKN will be holding their Physics 213 Final Exam Review session: Thursday, December 12th, from 1-3:30pm in ECEB 1002

View the practice problems on the smart.physics system.

Final review video