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Exam Information

Where's My Exam?

Find out by going to

When will I take my exam?
Check the course schedule.

Who will proctor my exam?
Your exam will be proctored by the TA staff for PHYS 213.

May I bring a formula sheet and scratch paper to the exam?
No, a formula sheet and scratch paper will be provided. All papers will be collected at the end of the exam.

What should I bring to the exam?

Mid-term exam Preparation

Peer review sessions: Grainger, Friday 4/6, 6-8 PM in room 433, and Saturday 4/7, 2-4 PM in room 429

Graduate student review sessions: 11AM-1PM April 8, ECEB 1013

Extra practice problems [note that these questions are NOT representative of how much coverage certain topics will have on the actual midterm -- please use prelectures, lectures, homeworks, discussions, and the overview video as your primary studying resources]: extra practice problems / answers

Review video: available here

Final Exam

The final exam will be two hours in length and will cover material from the whole semester.

There will be two exam times:

For more information see the Office of the Registrar

Final exam Preparation

HKN will be holding their Physics 213 Final Exam Review session Sunday May 6th from 2PM-4PM in ECEB 1013.

Shivesh Pathak (TA for the course) will be holding extra office hours: "I’ll be in the Union lobby sofas near the fish tank on May 3 from 10AM - 12 PM, 2PM - 6PM. Students can ask me any questions they have about PHYS 213 material or material for any other physics/math class they have."

Practice problems