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Please check back regularly for updates.

11/09: Sample midterm II solutions available.

11/12: Lecture 22 available.

11/16: Midterm II solutions available.

11/17: Midterm II grades available. Lectures 23 available. Problems 11 available.

11/19: Lecture 24 available.

11/28: Sample final available.








Welcome to Physics 326 for Fall 2015.

Please see the course description for an explanation of how this course works.  The course description also gives important details on our policies for missed exams, homework & quizzes. Also, please consult the schedule to help you keep track of what is due when. Your grades will be updated to the online gradebook, please check this regularly to ensure your scores are begin recorded accurately.

Excused Absences

Please submit your excused absence no later than 14 days from your absence via the Excused Absences application. The count begins the day of your absence.