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Final exam:

The Final will take place on Wednesday, 12/13/2022 8-11am in 222 Loomis Laboratory (lecture's classroom).

The exam will cover all the material taught this semster. It is an open book exam and may be taken with the assistance of any material on physical papers, including the textbook, homework, lecture notes, your notes, etc.. Please bring calculators. Any other electronics is not allowed (no laptops, phones, tablets...).

Here is link to a sample final exam from a past semester, with the solutions. This is to give you a hint of the expectations and the length of the exam.

Here is a link to reivew slides. The slides include those that were provided before the Midterm.

Good luck in your finals!


Midterm exam:

The miterm exam will take place on Monday, 10/16 11:00-12:20 in 222 Loomis Laboratory (lecture's classroom).

The exam will be on all the material that was covered up to and including Transmission and Reflection – all the material of Lectures 1-11.

The exam is open book and you may use any material on physical paper (textbooks, printed notes, handwritten notes...).

Please bring calculators – they are allowed and you may need one! With the exception of calculators, no electronic devices are allowed.

Here is a link to a sample exam to give you an idea of the requirements and difficulty.

Here is a link to review slides that you may find useful (you may print them and bring to the exam). Note: exam questions may rely on derivations that are not included or well-covered by the review slides.

Advice: exam questions are written under the assumption that students know how to solve all HW problems and understand the posted solutions to these problems; it is a good idea to make sure that this assumption is correct.

Good luck!


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