PHYS 427 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Course Grading

Course grading will proceed in compliance with University policy as given in Article 3, Part 1 of the Student Code.

Course component Percentage of your grade
Discussion** 15%
Problem sets* 30%
Exam 1 15%
Exam 2 15%
Final exam 25%

** lowest 2 scores will be dropped

* lowest score will be dropped

Discussion scores are based on active participation. Showing up to discussion but not working on the discussion material may result in reduced or no credit for that discussion.   Arriving more than 15 minutes late may also result in reduced or no credit.

Excused absences: Excused absences will be granted and documented in accordance with University policy as described in Article 1, Part 5 of the Student Code. Under this code, excused absences are granted under the following circumstances: (i) illness; (ii) emergency beyond the student's control (e.g. an auto accident or death in the family); (iii) required attendance at a University event (e.g. varsity athletics); (iv) religious observance or practice, in which case see here for procedure; or (v) serving as an volunteer emergency worker.  You may request up to 4 excused absences from discussions; if you need more excused absences than that, you must talk to Prof. Shelton to make sure you have a plan in mind for keeping up with course material.

Lecture attendance: Lecture attendance is not graded. However, you are responsible for making sure you are familiar with all material covered in lecture. You are also responsible for information on the course website.

Registering after the first day of classes: If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes, it is your responsibility to contact your lecturer and organize a plan for make-up work.  You must do this before the 8th week of classes.