PHYS 498 SQD :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Course Schedule

 This is the initial syllabus of lectures for the course --- always subject to change as the course evolves:


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January 17

Course introduction and introduction to superconducting phenomena


January 22

Phenomenological theories of superconductivity


January 24

Microscopic theory of superconductivity

HW1 due at the start of class

Solutions to HW1

January 29

Second quantization & Cooper pairs


January 31

BCS Theory 1


February 5

BCS Theory 2


February 7

No class


February 12

Time-dependent Perturbation Theory & Tunneling between metals

Tinkham, Introduction to Superconductivity Chapter 3.8


February 14

Tunneling between superconductors

Schrieffer, Theory of Superconductivity Chapter 3.6

HW2 due at the start of class

Solutions to HW2

February 19

Andreev scattering/Josephson effect


February 21

The Josephson effect/Magnetic effects on Josephson junctions


February 26

Beyond BCS superconductivity


February 28

Topological superconductivity/Class presentations

HW3 due at the start of class

Solutions to HW3

March 4

Class presentations


March 6

No class


March 18

Introduction to quantum information/electrical circuits


March 20

Overview of quantum electrical circuits


March 25

Superconducting charge-based qubits

1. Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box

2. Charge-insensitive qubit design derived from the Cooper pair box


March 27

Superconducting flux-based qubits

1. Coherent quantum dynamics of a superconducting flux qubit

2. High-coherence fluxonium qubit


April 1


1. Cavity quantum electrodynamics for superconducting electrical circuits

2. Strong coupling of a single photon to a superconducting qubit using cQED

HW4 due at the start of class

Solutions to HW4

April 3


1. Generating single microwave photons in a circuit

2. Resolving photon number states in a superconducting circuit


April 8

No class


April 10

Bosonic superconducting qubits

1. Implementing a universal gate set on a logical qubit encoded in an oscillator

2. Deterministically encoding quantum information using 100-Photon Schrodinger cat states


April 15

Quantum-limited amplifiers

1. Observation of quantum jumps in a superconducting artificial atom

2. Phase-preserving amplification near the quantum limit with a Josephson ring modulator

HW5 due at the start of class

April 17

Quantum error correction

1. Scheme for reducing decoherence in quantum computer memory

2. An introduction to the surface code


April 22

Quantum error correction

1. Repeated quantum error detection in a surface code

2. Experimental Demonstration of Fault-Tolerant State Preparation
with Superconducting Qubits


April 24

Protected superconducting qubits

1. Protected Josephson rhombus chains

2. Experimental realization of a protected superconducting circuit derived from the 0-pi qubit


April 30

Superconducting research at UIUC

Magnetic-field-sensitive charge density waves in the superconductor UTe2


May 1

Class choice topic


May 3

Final exam