Physics 489, Spring 2004 -- Course Policies

Posting of grades: Grades will be posted on the web. A link is on the class homepage and are accessible using your NetID.

Grading: Grades will be determined by homework completed and two exams. There will be a mid-term exam (1.5 hours), a final exam (3 hours), and (approximately) ten (10) homework problem sets. The grades will be determined as follows:
		Problem Sets	(40%)
		Mid-Term Exam	(20%)
		Final Exam	(40%)

Homework: Problem sets will be given out in class on Monday or Wednesday and solutions are due Wednesday of the following week. You may turn them in at class or in the homework box by 5PM on the due date. [Late Policy: minus 10% per day, i.e., -10% for solutions placed in the homework box before 5PM Thursday.; -20%, before 5PM Friday; NO CREDIT AFTER 5PM, FRIDAY.] The lowest homework grade will be dropped and not counted in the grade. No homework will be due during the week of the midterm exam.

Examples of solutions will be placed in the library by the grader. For the problem sets, I consider it acceptable (often desireable) for students to discuss the problems and work together in finding the solutions. However, I expect each person to prepare individual solutions and understand the material addressed by the problems. Each person should be prepared to take individual responsibility for his or her solutions.

Exams: For exam purposes I will consider that you should be responsible for the contents of the parts of A&M covered in class plus the additional material related to assigned problems or covered explicitly in class notes. Many of the sections of A&M listed on the outline will be covered only in part; I will indicate portions which will not be covered. The exams will have two separate sections: the first part will be closed book and will consist of questions and problems related to general understanding; the second part will be open book and will be more detailed problems. For the latter part you may consult the text book (Aschroft and Mermin), one other text, and your own notes and homework solutions.
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