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Welcome to PHYS 575 for Spring 2020! Detailed information about the course can be found here or in the links in the sidebar. Updates to the schedule and/or homework assignments will be posted here as necessary.

4/22: if you have the second printing of Schwartz, please find a very important correction to eq. (11.26) in the errata (also a good idea to check for the rest of the errata for your edition, there are many more typos than I expected, even those classified as "unimportant" can be pretty confusing!!)

3/12: CLASSES WILL NOW BE HELD ON ZOOM AT THIS LINK. Please do not come to Loomis 158. Attendance/participation will still be taken so please contact the instructor and/or the TA if you have connection issues with Zoom.

1/26: Per request, here are some reference texts for group theory:

"Representation Theory" by Fulton and Harris: very mathematical, but has a nice explanation of how the Lie algebra is systematically constructed for a general group.

"Relativity, Groups, Particles" by Urbantke and Sexl: a deeply detailed systematic study of the representation theory of the Lorentz and Poincaré groups.

"Lie Algebras, Lie Groups, and Representations" by Brian C. Hall: somewhere in the middle of the math-physics continuum.