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What do I do if I am sick?

This page summarizes what you should do if you feel unwell. For more information about absences (for any purpose) and what do to, see the Course Grading page and the Attendance Policy page. If you have an injury, extended illness, or family emergency that causes you to miss multiple weeks of class please reach out to the Student Assistance Center to get connected to resources and to get a letter from your Emergency Dean.

Please stay home if you are sick.

Your physical wellbeing is important and we want you to take time to rest. Staying home will also help to prevent the spread of illness in our class community.


Missing a Discussion, Lab, or Hour Exam

We do not offer make up assignments. These absences can be excused (an 'EX' grade in the gradebook) with documented proof of your illness. We accept documents of a call or visit to a doctor made within 48 hours of the missed class. Your documentation does not need to disclose your specific illness or your test results.

Acceptable documents include:

You must upload your excuse document to the Excused Absence Application within two weeks of your absence to receive a grade of 'EX' on your missed assignment. If you missed Discussion you will need to make two requests: one for the missed participation grade and the other for the missed quiz.

After you reach the limit for Excused Absences in Discussion (limit: 3) or Lab (limit: 3), all following absences will be considered unexcused ('ABS')

Students who receive an 'EX' grade for a Discussion Quiz are not eligible to earn points on the quiz retake (although it will be open on PrairieLearn for you to review).

At the end of the semester,'EX' grades are replaced with the average of all other grades in that category before the lowest scores are dropped.

Missing a Lecture

At the end of the semester, your five (5) lowest lecture scores will be dropped. We do not offer excused absences for lecture, but encourage you to take advantage of the free drops.

Complete lecture slides will be posted within 48 hours of each lecture.

We also offer bonus credit for correct answers to clicker questions and for attending office hours. Each bonus point is worth the equivalent of one time attending lecture.


Missing a Prelecture, Homework, or Prelab

Components of the class in smartPhysics will automatically have lowest scores dropped at the end of the semester according to the Course Grading policy. We generally do not offer extensions on these assignments unless they are related to DRES accommodations.

At the end of the semester, your 3 lowest Prelecture and Checkpoint scores will be dropped.

At the end of the semester, your 1 lowest Homework score will be dropped. We encourage you to do what you can with the homework, and to take advantage of our generous 90% second deadline policy.

At the end of the semester, your 1 lowest Prelab score will be dropped.

Bonus points can be applied to the Prelecture, Checkpoint, Homework, and Prelab components of the course.