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Week 7 (2/26-3/1)

If you are struggling with burnout or have fallen behind in the course in some way, please consider reaching out to the Student Assistance Center to get connected with resources to help you take care of yourself and get back on track. You may also consider looking at the mental health resources link. It may be helpful to look at resources for studying and test taking from DGS and DRES.

If you are encountering difficulties with the math in this course, we encourage you to utilize online resources and office hours for assistance. This OpenStax chapter on right triangles is useful for reviewing when to use sine, cosine, and tangent; and this chapter reviews methods for solving two equations with two unknowns.

Here is a summary of our schedule and deadlines for Week 7:

  • Class Meetings
    • Lectures 12 and 13
    • Discussion 7/Quiz 5
    • Lab 4
  • Online assignments
    • [PrairieTest] Quiz 4 retake on Monday
    • [smartPhysics] Prelectures and Checkpoints 12 and 13
    • [smartPhysics] Homework 6 is due at 8am on Thursday, February 29
    • [smartPhysics] Prelab 4 is due at 8am on the day your lab meets
  • Action items
    • [James Scholar Students] Start to work to identify your project topic or article
    • If you are looking for individual feedback or advice after Exam 1: Talk to your TA and/or arrange a one-on-one meeting with Prof. Ansell
    • If you are looking for extra help after Exam 1: Come to office hours, connect with OMSA free tutoring, or seek out a private tutor (your TA may be able to connect you with graduate students who are interested in tutoring)

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