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Formula sheet - provided during the exam [link]

Hyperlinked (new) formula sheet - provided during the final exam [link]


Exam content details

Exam number Exam dates Content covered Study Guides
1 Sept. 16-18 Kinematics and Dynamics
Lectures 1-6
2 Oct. 7-9 Dynamics with friction, energy, momentum and collisions
Lectures 7-12
3 Nov. 4-6 Rotational motion, fluids
Lectures 13-19
Final Dec. 7-13 All Physics 101 content
Lectures 1-27
Lectures 20-27 [pdf]


Exam Preparation

In the past several years, Physics 101 exams have shifted toward a more even split of conceptual and calculation questions. The practice problems in the exams below are more representative of the calculation questions you will encounter on your hour exams. For review of conceptual questions, we recommend that you focus on checkpoint questions, homework questions, and the main points identified in lecture for guidance on what to study.

Practice Problems for First Hour Exam

Practice Problems for Second Hour Exam

Practice Problems for Third Hour Exam

Previous final exams are not available. But there are some thermodynamics problems available for you to review.

Final Exams

All final exams will be held during final exam week in compliance with the university policy on final exams.

Make sure you read and understand the final exam rules. Our exam dates will be posted to the course homepage and the exam information page as soon as we receive them from the Office of the Registrar.