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Formula Sheet

Below are pdf files from some past hour exams. The answers and video solutions to all of these past hour exams are now provided on FlipItPhysics.

The exams and solutions can also be found on smartphysics: (Physics 211 Fall 2019 Practice Exams)


Practice Problems for First Hour Exam

Practice Problems for Second Hour Exam

Practice Problems for Third Hour Exam

Practice Problems for Final Exam

The following previous exams will help you prepare for the final exam.


Review the course schedule for the exam dates.

Exam room assignments are made based on the student's discussion section. Attendance is taken by discussion section teaching assistants.

To each exam bring:

Exam scores will be posted in the student gradebook.

Conflict Exams

Conflict exams will be scheduled for those with a documented University schedule conflict.

Be sure to check your student gradebook for available conflict exam times.

Hour Exams

Three 90 minute multiple-choice exams will be administered.

Each exam is worth 100 points.

This course administers combined hour exams in the evening. This is done in accordance with University policy as described in: Article 3, Part 2. Section 3-202 covering Evening, Midterm and Hourly Examinations of the Student Code.

Students are expected to take the regularly scheduled hour exams.

In accordance with University policy, conflict examinations will be administered for students with the following conflict types (from the Student Code):

  1. Other examinations, including special examinations, scheduled at a prior date.
  2. Regularly scheduled performances or rehearsals.
  3. Regularly scheduled classes, including kinesiology and military.
  4. Sickness, regular employment, or other extenuating circumstances.

Final Exam

The final exam will be three hours in length and will cover material from the whole semester.

The final exam is worth 200 points.

A combined final exam (for all three lectures) and a conflict exam will be administered.