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James Scholar Credit


To be eligible for James Scholar Honors credit, you must:

You are not eligible if you are still a James Scholar Nominee on that date.

James Scholar Assignments for PHYS 211

Turn in homework to the Physics 211-212 James Scholar homework box on the second floor of Loomis, on the north side of the building. The homework box is bright yellow and has a black-and-white label which reads "212/211 JAMES SCHOLAR".

Each assignment is due by 5 p.m. on the specified due date. Late assignments will receive zero credit.

Assignments which do not conform to instructions below will also receive zero credit.

Each page of your submission must contain:

The problems are harder than the others in 211; however, we want you to give them your best!

Each problem (three problems per assignment) will be graded out of 10 points. You must maintain an average of about 8/10 in order to receive credit.

There will be 5 assignments, due every 2 or 3 weeks, and timed to avoid scheduling conflicts with hour exams.

Be sure to show a reasonable amount of your work. More is always better than less. If we ask for a numerical answer don't forget the units.

The solution might also involve submission of a graph. You may make the graphs with any software you want or submit the graph as hand-drawn. Don't forget to label the axes of the graphs with the variables plotted, and include units.


If you are already a James Scholar, you should complete an Honors Credit Learning Agreement form, get it signed, and submit it to your college office.

How do I get the form signed?