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i>clicker Information


Participation in the PHYS 214 Lectures now requires the use of "i>clickers".

These radio-frequency remotes are keyed to each individual student. We use them to collect anonymous (to other students, but not to the staff) responses to questions asked in Lecture.

Research has shown these to be very effective at improving student/lecturer interactions. Better the interactions between students and their lecturers improves student learning (which is what we care about). Improved student learning improves student grades (what you care about).

The bottom line: You need to get one at the bookstore (new or used), and bring it to every lecture (yes, including the first one).


Please register your i>clicker in the student gradebook.


You will receive one point of credit (out of 1000 total for the course) for every lecture in which you participate using the i>clicker. "Participate" means answering at least 50% of the questions (not necessarily correctly, though) asked in that lecture.

NOTE: Although we encourage you to attend the lecture to which you are assigned (to keep the sizes balanced), you can get clicker credit at any of the lectures on a given day. However, each student can get credit for only one lecture per day. (This means that you should NOT share your clicker with another 214 student -- only ONE student will get the credit.)

The awarded points (before final normalization) should show up (intermittently) in the gradebook.

How Do I Know If The System Registered My Answer?

There are two different versions of the i>clicker:


The batteries should easily last the entire semester. In any event, if they are starting to go, the clicker will flash, letting you know; you should still have enough power for another few lectures after that, i.e., there's no good excuse for not getting new batteries.


Q: I have purchased and registered an i>clicker for Psych 100. Can I use it in this class also?
A: You can use any kind of i>clicker in this class, old or new.

Q: How can I register my i>clicker for this class?
A: You can register it in your course gradebook.

Q: My clicker always says "NO BASE" when I try to send a vote. What can I do?
A: Make sure your frequency is set to AA.

Q: Do I have to change the frequency of the i>clicker?
A: Our classroom uses frequency AA. This is the default frequency of the old i>clickers so all you need to do is turn these on and you are set to go. The newer i>clickers with the LCD screen tell you what frequency they are using on the display. If this not set to AA then you need to set it. To do this, hold down the power button for 2 seconds and when it prompts you, push the "A" button twice.

Q: How can I tell if my i>clicker is working?
A: If a green light flashes on the models without the LCD screen, or if you see a check-mark on the LCD screen, then you can be sure that your vote was counted. If you don't see this you may be on the wrong frequency, or you may just need to vote again.