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James Scholar Credit

James Scholar Updates Coming Soon!!

In order to obtain honors credit for 214, you must obtain an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) form, get it signed, and turn it in to your college office. Then, you must complete the James Scholars homework assignments that are available online below and turn them in online.

Where do I get the HCLA form?

If you are in the College of Engineering, you must obtain a paper form. These are available from the undergrad offices of the Physics Department (Loomis 231/233) or the College of Engineering (306 Engineering Hall).

If you are in the College of LAS, the whole process can be done online using an EHCLA (electronic HCLA). The instructions for obtaining an EHCLA were emailed to you by the LAS Honors Program. If you have lost this email, you can obtain a printout of the instructions from their office at Room 1 of the YMCA building.

How do I get the form signed?

College of Engineering: See your lecturer right after class; he or she will be happy to sign the paper form for you. You must then hand the signed form in to the College office in 306 Eng Hall.

College of LAS: Your electronic eHCLA will be sent by email to the course instructor, which should be your lecturer. They provide a virtual signature by simply replying to the email.

Choose a track

Please note, once you pick a track you cannot switch tracks!

Track A: Read the first three chapters from Richard Feynman's book QED and make connection with the topics we covered in class and compare and contrast the different approaches.

Track B: Read from articles (that we will provide) that discuss cutting-edge applications of quantum mechanics/optical phenomena. Here you will be asked to describe the particular application and address specific points that will be posted for each reading.

James Scholar assignments

The expected assignment length is 1.5 - 2 pages. One short page is not sufficient. It should be single-spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman is preferred).

Turn in the three James Scholar assignments by the dates and times indicated next to each assignment (see below). The assignments will involve simple web-research, reading of articles or the book QED by Richard Feynman, and simple calculations. We hope you will find them thought-provoking, and that they give you a deeper appreciation for quantum phenomena and its implications/applications to some of the latest cutting edge research and technology.

Your assignments must be turned in electronically in PDF, TEXT, or Microsoft Word 2003 or later versions. Deposit each assignment by the dates given below and must include your name and netid.

A word of advice

If you find that you do not have time to do the JS work, just don't do it. You will only lose your JS standing. If you do not maintain your academic integrity, you stand to lose a lot more (yes, we have caught JS cheaters and they have faced consequences). Plagiarism is a violation of university academic integrity policies.