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Instrumentation and Applied Physics Project



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The program

The Illinois professional master's in Instrumentation and Applied Physics is a two-semester project-based program. Through a mix of laboratory, classroom, and field work, we will teach our students to take a collaborative project from conception and design through planning, prototyping, calibration, analysis, and documentation.

The projects

A typical project will comprise a suite of sensors managed by a microcontroller that transmits data over a radio link to a base station. Supervised by UIUC faculty, students will design and build their device's circuit and printed circuit board. They will write data acquisition, calibration, and offline analysis code. Students will fabricate parts as necessary on 3D printers. Oral presentations̶ at mid-year, then at project completion, will be complemented by a detailed technical report upon conclusion of the project.

Nature of the projects

The expected level of sophistication of the projects our students will undertake is informed by our experiences teaching a project-based senior design course. In that course, students design embedded systems in which microcontrollers manage suites of sensors, store data to removable media, and sometimes use radio links to move data between widely separated devices.

Our capabilities

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Our tools

Past (senior design) projects

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The Ask

We are seeking

If you'd like to support one or more of our students, and/or use tuition support as an incentive in your own recruiting, so much the better!

Current partners


Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Osprey Distributed Control Systems