Physics 489, Spring 2004 -- Course Materials

Textbook: Solid State Physics, by Neil W. Aschroft and N. David Mermin, Saunders College, Philadelphia, 1976. This is venerable text which sets the conceptual context for understanding solids.

Recommended Supplement: Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions , by L. Mihaly and Michael C. Martin, John Wiley and Sons, 1996. This book has example problems with solutions for many areas of solid state physics. This is not a required book, but it is recommended as a source of practice problems. Problem solving will be an important part of the course and an effort will be made to have good illustrative problems in the lectures as well as instructive homework problems. Some problems in the course will be similar to those in this book, and examples may be taken as illustrations during the course.

Other books and articles: There are also many other valuable textbooks and reference books. A list of some of the other useful books on reserve in the Physics Library is given below. Four books which I find particularly useful are

Books on Reserve in the Physics Library: Given in the Reserve Book List

Lecture Notes: Copies of lecture notes will be placed on reserve in the library. These notes are the basis for the lectures, and are mainly hand-written. Brief outlines of each lecture will be made available on the class Web pages and will be passed out at the beginning of lectures. In addition, some notes will be made in electronic form and will posted on the Web pages in the lecture notes directory as pdf or postscript files.

Homework Problems and Solutions: The homework assignments will be posted on the Web pages in the class homework directory. Solutions will available after the due date on reserve in the library. Some solutions may be available in electronic form in the class homework directory.

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