Physics 489, Spring 2004 -- Reserve Book List

Books on Reserve in the Physics Library:
        Anderson, P. W.         Concepts in Solids
        Ashcroft and Mermin     Solid State Physics
        Burns, G.               Solid State Physics
	Chaikin, P. 		Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
        Christman, J. R.        Fundamentals of Solid State Physics
        de Gennes, P.           Simple Views on Condensed Matter
        de Gennes, P.           Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys
        Elliott, R.             An Introduction to  Solid State Physics
        Feynman, R. P.          Statistical Mechanics, A Set of Lectures
        Harrison, W.            Solid State Theory
	Ibach and Luth		Solid State Physics
	Jones & March 		Theoretical Solid State Physics
        Kittel, C.              Introduction to Solid State Physics
        Kittel, C.              Thermal Physics
        Kittel, C.              Quantum Theory of Solids
        Kaxiras, E.             Atomic and Electronic Structure of Solids
        Madelung O.             Introduction to Solid State Physics
        Marder, M.              Condensed Matter Physics
        Mihaly, L. & M. Martin 	Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions
        Phillips, P.            Advanced Solid State Physics
        Pines, D.               Elementary  Excitations in Solids
        Reif, F.                Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics
        Seitz, F.               Modern Theory of Solids
        Slater, J. C.           Quantum Theory of Molecules and Solids
                                 (v.3 Insulators, Semiconductors & Metals)
	Slichter, C.		Principles of Magnetic Resonance
	Tinkham, M. 		Introduction to Superconductivity
        Weinreich, G.           Solids: Elementary Theory for Avanced Students
	White, R. 		Quantum Theory of Magnetism
	Yu and Cardona          Fundamentals of Semiconductors
        Ziman, J. M.            Principles of the Theory of Solids

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