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Contact Information

Please use the email addresses listed below if you have questions about any of the course components.

Course Role Name Office Email Office Hours
Course Director Jessie Shelton 417 Loomis sheltonj Weds, 3:00-4:00 
Discussion TA Samuel Goldman 443 Loomis samuelg9 Thurs, 11:00-12:00
Graders Xuchen Cao zoom xuchenc2 Fri, 9-10 am
Min Li zoom minl2 Thurs 8-9 pm

Please note the following email rules:

  1. Use your official University of Illinois email account.
  2. Put "PHYS487" in the subject line and include some words about the subject of your email. For example: "PHYS487: problem with homework."
  3. Include your full name somewhere in your email message (in a signature is fine).
  4. Before writing, please check the course website: the schedule to see when assignments are due, the exam info page for questions about exam logistics, and the home page for any announcements.