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8/26: For reference, here is a concise formula sheet reviewing key results from 486 (courtesy Naomi Makins)

8/27: Gradescope has been set up for the course; please check your email for the 6-character code for our class.

9/8: Typo corrected in HW #2

9/24: Lecture notes for the course so far: I, II, III .  Midterm I formula sheets: Phys 486 review, Phys 487 so far plus Clebsch-Gordon.  These formula sheets will be available for your reference during the exam; other reference material (and calculators) will not be permitted.

9/29: please note change to course schedule re Midterm II and HW 7 due date!

10/11: J. Shelton office hours this week are cancelled (10/13); in the event of urgent questions, please email for an appointment.

11/01: Lecture notes relevant for Midterm 2: here. Formula sheet for Midterm 2: Phys 487 so far (plus previous Phys 486 sheet)

12/06: Lecture notes for the last third of the class, here.

12/08: Formula sheet for final exam: Phys 487, plus previous Phys 486 sheet and Clebsch-Gordon.



Please see the course description for more about the course, including logistical information. The schedule has all due dates for assignments, and also acts as the distribution center for the homework assignments, solutions, and other course material.


Monday and Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. - 1:50 p.m. in 144 Loomis

Asynchronously available on the mediaspace channel for the course (course registration required to view).