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PDF versions of Prof. Filippini's lectures will be linked here as we go.

The Spring 2020 lectures are largely adapted from lectures by Eugene Colla (EVC), who has taught this course for several years. We will also include supplementary material slides (mostly by Eugene) as needed.

Starting with the Hall Probe lab (i.e. after Spring Break), lecture videos will also be posted to MediaSpace, for the benefit of students who cannot attend lecture at our regular time.

  1. Introduction to Physics 401
  2. Introduction to Oscilloscope, Function Generator, DMM (EVC)
  3. Transients and Oscillations in RLC Circuits
  4. Frequency domain analysis of linear circuits using synchronous detection
    1. RLC circuits. Fitting examples (EVC)
  5. Pulses in Transmission Lines
  6. Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
  7. Error Analysis
    1. Working With Histograms (EVC)
  8. Torsional oscillator - Part 1
  9. Torsional oscillator - Part 2
    1. Harmonics (EVC)
  10. Hall Probe Measurement of Magnetic Fields
    1. Introduction to Modern Physics Course (PHYS 403) (EVC)
  11. Qualitative Studies with Microwaves
  12. Microwave cavities
  13. AC Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility - Part 1
  14. AC Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility - Part 2